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2024 Art Show Schedule

The following shows are confirmed. More shows may be added in the future.


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Shrouded in Mist

Emerald Lake

Portland Head Lighthouse

Bow Lake

The Diamond Ring


Morning Glow

Blossom Reverie

Land of the Frost Giants

Craigh na Dun

Smoke and Fire

Super City

Cherry Cascade


Fire in the Sky

Fanad Head


Festival of Lights

Neist Point Lighthouse


Edge of Ireland

Autumn Tranquility

Through the Hills

Sleepy Hollow

Tower Bridge

The Painted Hills

Baker Beach

Moraine Lake


Reflection Lake

Malin Head

Tiger Hug

Ghostly Maze

Best Friends

Twin Lambs

Lupines at the Foggy Wood

The Dark Hedges

Icelandic Horse

The Cliffs of Moher

Eilean Donan Castle

Young Lovers in the Forest

Lytle Park

Kitten in the Flowers

Purple Dragon Lamium

A Cincinnati Silhouette

Glade Creek Mill


Highland Cow

Cloudy Evening at the Museum Center


Foggy Lupines

The Sanctuary

The Lonely Tree

The Perseid

The Giant's Causeway

Cow and Zen

Music Hall

14th and Pleasant

Grinnell Lake

Bear Family

The Farm

The Grand Re-Opening

Kilchurn Castle

Lion's Gaze

Midnight at Waterton Lake

Milky Way over Red River Gorge

Little Pigeon River

Maho Bay

Neist Point

Chicago River

Purple Loosestrife at the Museum Center

The Quiraing

Footsteps of Daniel Boone

3 a.m. in Iceland

Starry Palouse

The Grot

Yosemite Valley

San Francisco

Moonrise over Immaculata Church

Fountains at the Moerlein Lager House

Whitman County Growers

Grinnell Lake

Dunquin Pier

Rounding the Turn

After the Game

Solitude for Geese

Springtime at the Cincinnati Zoo

Blood Moon over Union Terminal

Fountain Square

The Genius of Water

Blood Moon over Music Hall

Chimney Moon


* Not all images available in all sizes.

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